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As the name suggests, this pretty white bouquet is purely elegant in its simplicity and authentic appeal. Whether you’re planning to gift it to your parents or other elder family members, siblings or cousins, or to friends or acquaintances, it will win the hearts of the receiver in a blink!

The Simple Elegance flower bouquet is made of White Hydrangeas and White Roses with a touch of green in the form of frilly tree fern, inside a white bowl-shaped vase.

White Hydrangea flowers are associated with purity and innocence worldwide, while Roses are the most widely-known symbol of love and passion. Together, this stunning combination of striking white flowers is sure to charm up the place wherever you put it. Get this elegant bouquet for yourself, or gift it to others, the result will be the same- sheer happiness and pleasure!

Since we place the utmost importance on using only fresh and the best quality flowers in all our flower bouquets and floral arrangements, based on availability, the actual product design, colors, varieties, and container may slightly vary from the picture shown above.

Simple Elegance!



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